Welcome to AS207766, a BGP Autonomous System.


SquareFlow Global Backbone is a multi-national carrier network spanning throughout the European Union, North America and Asia, operated as a joint-venture of multiple leading technology companies.

The backbone features massive presence in over 30 state-of-the-art datacenters, a ring topology which eliminates any single point of failure by ensuring there is at least one failover path, and plenty of redundancy to upstreams. SquareFlow Global Backbone also utilizes techniques such as BFD and IS-IS with MPLS-TE and Fast Reroute protection mechanisms to reduce outages drastically in case of physical link failure.

If you are interested in services provided on our network, we recommend you to reach out to one of the companies operating on our network.

Technical Details

Primary ASN: 207766
Backup ASN: 49004
IPv4 prefixes: 150
IPv6 prefixes: 50

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Quick Links

Company Website: www.squareflow.net
PeeringDB: peeringdb.com/net/21565